Navigating Between Different Types of Canadian Pet Insurance Policies

Pet ownership is on the rise in Canada, making pet insurance increasingly important. Veterinary care can cost up to $2,900 for dogs and $1,950 for cats in their first year alone. To save money and protect against unexpected medical treatments, Canadian pet owners should consider getting pet insurance.

This article provides information on the best companies offering pet insurance in Canada.

Why is it important to have pet insurance?

Having pet insurance in Canada is an important way to protect yourself financially in the event of a veterinary emergency or illness. Pet insurance helps cover unexpected vet bills, allowing you to provide your pet with the best possible care without worrying about the cost.

There are different types of pet insurance policies available, so it’s important to do your research & understand what coverage options are right for you & your pet.

Having the right policy can give you peace of mind that you and your pets are protected if something unexpected happens.

Types of Pet Insurance in Canada

Accident & sickness plans

Accident & sickness plans are the most comprehensive type of pet insurance policy available in Canada. These plans provide coverage for both accidents & illnesses, including veterinary care costs associated with diagnosing & treating conditions like cancer or an injury.

Depending on the plan you choose, your pet may also be covered for emergency medical services, hospitalization, prescription medications, surgeries, lab tests, & more.

Accident-only plans

Accident-only plans are typically less expensive than accident & sickness policies but offer limited coverage. They cover only unexpected injuries that occur as a result of an accident such as being hit by a car or getting into a fight with another animal.

This type of policy does not cover any medical treatments related to illness or chronic conditions so it is important to consider carefully if this is the right option for your pet’s needs.

Wellness plans

Wellness plans are designed to help offset the cost of routine preventative care such as vaccinations, flea control products, & dental cleanings. While these types of policies do not cover illnesses or accidents they can help reduce expenses incurred from regular checkups which can add up over time if left unchecked.

Some wellness plans will even reimburse owners for certain grooming services such as nail trims or ear cleaning which can be beneficial in keeping pets healthy between vet visits

Benefits of Pet Insurance in Canada

Peace of mind

Having pet insurance in Canada is an invaluable way to protect both your beloved pet & your wallet. With the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are covered for unexpected vet bills, you can provide your furry family member with the best possible care without worrying about the cost.

Affordable & customizable plans

Pet insurance plans in Canada come in a variety of shapes & sizes to meet the unique needs of each individual pet owner. From accident-only policies to comprehensive coverage plans, there is a policy that fits every budget & lifestyle.

Many companies offer customizable plans so owners can tailor their coverage levels according to what they feel comfortable covering themselves as well as what types of treatments their pets may need over time.

Cost savings in the long run

The cost savings associated with having pet insurance far outweighs its price tag over time. Even if owners never have to use their policy, just like other forms of health insurance preventative care expenses such as annual checkups or vaccinations are often covered up front by most providers meaning less out-of-pocket costs for families when compared to paying full price for these services at a veterinary clinic.

Additionally, those who do require more extensive medical care due to illness or injury will benefit significantly from having a plan in place that covers some or all related costs depending on the level of coverage they choose.

Best pet insurance companies in Canada

Our editorial team reviewed pet insurance providers to determine the best pet insurance in Canada.

We focused our evaluation on U.S.-based companies that offer coverage for both U.S. & Canadian residents, but we also included Petsecure, a solely Canadian provider.

Fetch by The Dodo

Fetch by The Dodo, formerly known as Petplan, provides pet health insurance plans for cats and dogs in the US and Canada without any restrictions or networks.

You can choose your deductible, reimbursement rate, & benefit limit during enrollment to find a plan that works for you. Coverage includes exam fees, specialist visits, comprehensive dental care, virtual vet visits, imaging exams, cancer treatment & surgery.


Trupanion offers pet insurance in both Canada & the United States, allowing you to visit any veterinarian without restriction.

A standout feature is Vet Direct Pay, which pays select vets directly at checkout so you don’t have to pay out of pocket. Another great benefit is its lifetime per incident deductible which can help limit costs if your pet suffers from the same injury or illness multiple times.

Lastly, their policies don’t have an annual limit & reimburse 90% of the costs for covered conditions. You decide the deductible with options ranging from $0 to $1,000.


Petsecure offers pet insurance in Canada with two deductible options. When we tried to review the cost information, the selection process didn’t work.

In addition to its standard coverage, policyholders can get up to $4,050 in customer benefits including boarding if hospitalized, trip cancellation for emergencies, & cremation or burial costs.

Questions to Ask When Choosing Pet Insurance

What is covered & excluded?

When considering pet insurance, it is important to ask what types of treatments are covered by the policy & which are excluded. Policies may limit coverage for specific medical conditions or treatments such as pre-existing illnesses or hereditary diseases, so it’s important to be aware of any limitations before purchasing a plan.

Additionally, many policies also have limits on the amount they will cover per incident or over a certain period of time, so make sure you understand this aspect as well.

What veterinary clinics & hospitals are covered?

It is also essential to find out which veterinary clinics & hospitals your policy covers when selecting an insurance provider. Many companies list these providers on their websites but if not available it’s best to contact them directly in order to ensure that your preferred veterinarian is included in the network.

This way you know that if an emergency arises, you won’t have to worry about finding another clinic that accepts your insurance plan.

What are the payment options?

Lastly, most pet insurance plans require payment upfront with reimbursements following treatment from approved vets & facilities after submitting claims forms along with receipts for services rendered.

Make sure you understand how payments work under each policy before making a decision so there are no surprises down the line when filing claims for reimbursement later on.

Pet Insurance for Specific Pets

Learn more about pet insurance for cats & dogs

For cats & dogs, there are a variety of pet insurance plans available to cover both unexpected illnesses & accidents.

Depending on the policy you choose, coverage can include veterinary care costs associated with diagnosing & treating conditions like cancer or an injury, emergency medical services, hospitalization, prescription medications, surgeries, lab tests, & more.

Some policies even offer optional add-ons such as behavioral therapy for pets suffering from anxiety or aggression issues.

It is important to research different providers when selecting a pet insurance plan as each company offers different levels of coverage at various price points that can vary based on factors such as breed age or location.

It is also essential to find out which veterinary clinics your provider covers before signing up so that if an emergency arises you know that your preferred veterinarian will be within the network.

Insurance options for exotic pets

Exotic pets can require specialized care not typically found in traditional veterinary settings making it difficult to obtain health insurance for these animals.

However, some companies do offer policies specifically tailored towards exotic species including ferrets chinchillas iguanas lizards snakes turtles tortoises parrots hamsters gerbils guinea pigs rats mice hedgehogs sugar gliders skunks flying squirrels pot bellied pigs bearded dragons geckos tarantulas salamanders monitor lizards etc..

These plans often provide comprehensive coverage for any medical treatments needed due to injury accident illness or other unforeseen events but may exclude pre-existing conditions depending on the provider so make sure you read all fine print carefully before signing up.

In addition to researching specific pet insurance providers, it’s also important to speak with your veterinarian prior to engaging in any type of policy regarding your animal companion in order to ensure they have the best possible chance at living a long healthy life whatever their species might be!


In conclusion, pet insurance in Canada is an invaluable way to help protect both your beloved pet & your wallet. With the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are covered for unexpected vet bills, you can provide your furry family member with the best possible care without worrying about the cost.

When selecting a policy it is important to consider what type of coverage is offered as well as which veterinary clinics & hospitals are included within the network so that if an emergency arises, you know that treatment will be covered under the plan.

Additionally, those considering exotic pets should research companies offering policies specifically tailored towards these animals in order to ensure they have access to comprehensive coverage when needed.

Ultimately by taking time to understand the different types of plans available as well as any limitations associated with them, owners can confidently select a policy that meets their unique needs while providing their pet with quality medical care at a price they can afford.

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